Here's another list of what I've been reading. Maybe you can find something in here for you.

You will probably detect a kind of a pattern here. I tend to go from self-help/philosophy to graphic novel, to horror-fiction, and back again. Sorry, but I'm not ashamed. These days to just be a reader is a bit odd to some. I actually wish I could consume more but time and eye strain both get in my way.  I have kept the details light as to not spoil anything for you, if you have any questions you can hit me up here.

One more note: although all the credit for the cover art on these goes to Amazon, I owe the guys at Star Comics everything for suggesting these particular graphic novels (they just seem to get me).

8 More Good Reads



<b>Wes’ Top 7 Reading Recommendations</b>

Wes' Top 7 Reading Recommendations


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