A Clockwork Orange, one of cinema's most unnerving and enduring films, will be shown at the Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse.

The Feb. 21 showing is tied to the movie theater chain's year-long homage to director Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut). A Clockwork Orange is based on the novel of the same name by English writer Anthony Burgess.

The movie follows Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell), a criminal psychopath who's arrested for murder in a future dystopian London. Alex volunteers to be a guinea pig for a government-created experimental therapy aimed at reducing crime though behavior modification. But things don't go as planned after a "cured" Alex is freed from prison.

A Clockwork Orange stars Malcolm McDowell, Michael Bates and Patrick Magee. It's rated R for 18 and older.

Tickets for the one-night-only showing are available at the Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse website. All theatergoers for the showing will receive a t-shirt commemorating A Clockwork Orange with their $28.15 ticket purchase.

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