Sometimes, life just throws one stupid thing after another at you. The days start running together in an endless dull cycle and you just want to hide in a cave alone in the wilderness where you will befriend some bears that will eventually eat you...or something.

Instead of running away to the dangerous bear country or sulking like the big baby you are, perhaps try some of these great solutions from 94.5 FMX listeners that could cheer the pants right off of ya.


"Moist corn! Two words that most people do not like. I just like saying it and seeing people's reactions! Plus, I like to eat corn." - Chuck Colbert

"Boobs and BBQ" - Wes Wicker

"Ice cream and Joe Dirt" - Joshua Chadd (I second that)

"I go outside and close my eyes and breathe very deep and my heart feels better every time" - Chris Saldana (I like that one. I'll be stealing it.)

"Vegaaaaassss" - Danny Ortiz

"Art" - Tim McIntire (Get all those feels out on paper, dude.)

"Shopping, watching Friends or Golden Girls." - Bunny Foofles

"Whiskey, rock music, bowling, and the gym." - Chris Kennicutt

"The first four Danzig albums" - Ronnie Eaton

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"Clean sheets, a great shower where I shave my legs, my fave PJs and a long uninterrupted nap." - Katie Thompson (I have to agree here, that sounds like friggin heaven)

"A good, fast bike ride while jamming to complete bangers." - Ivan Les Smith

"I like to pack up my hiking bag and leave for the weekend. Getaway. Put distance between me and my worry and rebalance." - Joseph Ray

"Movie theater popcorn" - Jeff Kempe

"Going for a drive cheers me up" - Austin Rudder (He also shared a photo of some sweet ass cars that would cheer me right up to drive too. Woof.)

"A clean house and bad rom-coms. Mamma Mia is my old reliable!" - Tori Bybee

"Other sad things (music/movies/etc). Guess I just want something else to vibe with me to "get over it" together" - Kyle Corbin (I feel ya man)

"Steak and metal music!" - Martin Ramos

"A box of cheez-its and the Tigerbelly or Bloodbath podcasts." - Julian Hernandez (I'll have to check those out, man.)

How do you cheer yourself up? Comment below or on our Facebook page. Some answers will be used on The RockShow this week. If you have something better than cramming your face with Thai food and watching old episodes of Family Guy, then I'm all ears.

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