I wanted to get this out there because I think the underlying thread is very important. When police are well trained and respected, everyone wins.

Lubbock Police Department Tahoe Patrol Vehicle
Lubbock Police Department, MyLubbock.us

After numerous thefts and trespassing problems, we finally caught someone on our property at Nightmare. Not knowing whether the person was armed or dangerous, we led him to the front of the property and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. My friend still had him at gunpoint when the cop walked up. The cop just walked up and nonchalantly said, "you can put that away, we don't need it now". Wow. Just like that, the cop de-escalated the situation.  Now, how many times have you heard of a situation like this getting worse? A nervous and/or inexperienced copy might have drawn down on my friend from behind his door with a shotgun, and started screaming for him to put the gun down  This policeman, immediately recognized the situation for what it was and acted accordingly.

This is the way that situations like this should be handled. Part of making sure things stay this way is by letting the police know we do have respect for them and their training. Acting like an idiot will only make situations like this one worse in the future.  This is simply expanding on the idea that you always treat people the way you want to be treated.

I don't know this policeman's name, but I'm hoping he is a good example of the way all Lubbock police are trained and how they carry themselves. We don't want police thinking they're going to war every time they hit the streets. They are there to help us, and we should help them by having their backs.

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