Now keep in mind, my Facebook feed is highly curated. I have hidden hundreds of people, and I'm still seeing dumb stuff.

So let's bulletpoint everything anti-mask that I've seen so far.

*Just because I don't wear a mask means I disrespect you, it means I refuse to live in fear.

Oh how brave you are! I hope you feel the same way when you're intubated on your stomach and wearing a diaper. Oh, and again, you're wearing a mask to protect others.

*People who wear masks just fiddle with them all of the time and then touch stuff that makes them more dangerous.

Umm, that's why we wash our hands, but I'll play. I saw about 50 people with masks on today (went to United and Home Depot). Exactly NONE were behaving in the manner suggested. It MAY happen but as of this morning, you're zero for fifty.

*Women who wear hijabs are still catching it, think America, think!

Okay, dumbass. Do you think they wear them at home? Do you realize their husbands don't wear them and half their children don't wear them? Besides, masks are to prevent droplets from going out, not going in.

*I'd rather go back to prison than wear a mask.

Okay, we're good with your decision. 

*This is just the first step in the government controlling us.

Am I the only one that noticed that the people who claim the government want to "control us" are people that pretty dang useless? Why do they want to control you Bubba? What is it that you do that is so vital to this world that someone started a worldwide pandemic to control you? Is it your sweet washer throwing skills? Maybe your ability to talk while burping? 

*If masks work why do we need to social distance and if social distancing works why do we need masks?

I think at the point everyone has heard the seat belt/airbag rebuttal so I'll go with if pants work then why wear underwear and if underwear works then why wear pants. Or if bandages work, then why get stitches and if stitches work, then why use bandages.

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