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You should be paid what you're worth and nothing less.

Not many things make me angrier than when workers aren't compensated properly for what they do. A Lubbock business is under some pressure right now after it was discovered they weren't paying overtime for their employees.

KAMC News told us about how Lubbock Essential Home Health Care Inc. was found in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The US Department of Labor said 71 employees were only being paid their regular rate when working overtime instead of 1.5 times that, which is what's required by law if you're working over 40 hours a week.

Personally, I feel some days that 40 hours a week is too much on its own, but I'm a Gen Z baby who doesn't like to do things, so what do I know?

The DOL recovered a total $137,838 in wages and damages. More specifically, it was $68,919, and an equal amount in damages.

I don't know about you, but that seems like a good chunk of money that just wasn't going to hard-working folks. Healthcare workers. Home healthcare workers. That ain't an easy job, and I've got a lot of respect for anyone who works in that field.

So you've got employees working their asses off to help people who can't leave their home, and you're not even paying them what they're worth? Gimme a break, man.

Here's my message to all local businesses: pay your employees what they're worth. They don't deserve this.

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