We have taken part in a drinking game or 10, but it’s when the games turn from harmless drunken fun to sexy is when we really start to take an interest. 

So, you are planning a party and want to make sure that things get a little extra playful?  Well then, perhaps a sexy drinking game is in order.  Luckily for you, we have done some research on them – in the name of science, of course – and came across a few that will for sure get those windows fogged up.

The trick to all of these games is that they involve people taking off clothing while drinking.  Finally, a sure- fire way for you to get people to do that without seeming like a creep.  Not exactly the games which are best for a family function, but hey, to each their own right?  These games range from card games, coin flipping to taking children’s games and perverting them into sexual drinking games.

The list we found had a lot of options, but this one is our favorite.  Why?  Because it doesn’t really involve much cost , except on booze, which is a total necessity.  It’s called Flip, Sip or Strip.  Here’s how it works:

How to play Flip, Sip or Strip:

This game is best played with at least three people.

- The first player flips a coin and calls heads or tells while it is in the air.

- If the player calls it correctly, they pass the coin to the right; they are safe.

- If they call the coin incorrectly, then they must choose either sip (take a shot) or strip (remove one article of clothing). The only catch is that you can not pick sip or strip more than two times in a row.

To win you need to be the last player sober or still clothed (though, really, everyone wins when there’s simultaneous drinking and stripping).

We have given you the tools, now go out and make us proud.  For a look at other cool games, go here.

[Via Made Man]