I was very prepared to anoint this guy with the title of 'douchenozzle' and then I realized, he's doing the lords work.  This man is not only helping women shape their backsides, he's getting them in doggystyle position.  More after the jump.

Believe it or not, I used to be a body builder of sorts.  I never hit anything near competitive level, but I was able to build enough of a base that it has really slowed my evolution into fat old bastard down.

Squats are almost always a part of any workout, but as this guy points out, squats mostly focus on your thighs.  If you're looking for a round rear, you have to go a slightly different route.  So, if you're lady works out, you might want to show her this video.  If you don't care anything about working out, you might just want to check out this girls hot buns.  You don't get a lot of shots of her rear, but you can tell she can crack walnuts in that fudge factory!