We have been throwing lumber and pounding nails behind the scenes at Nightmare on 19th Street since the first weekend in November (yeah, we don't take time off to breathe).  For us it's a labor of love, a creative outlet and a place to make great friends, hang out and party.  More after the jump.

This year we've built an entire ghost town from the ground up.  The small "Badger Hollow" area (which many people say was their favorite part of Nightmare) is now just the lead in for the larger Ghost Town. It will now take you an extra 15 minutes to make your way through some very scary outdoor scenes and areas.

In addition, we're revamping the finale's for both Bloodmoon Manor and The Sanitarium (the final year for this attraction).  We've also revamped a trailer that for the time being we're calling "The Frankenstein Trailer".  This trailer is the shape of things to come.  The trailer is on it's way to being the quality of a movie set and it will immerse you to the point you'll forget it's just a haunted house.  We are also revamping our crypt and have already revamped the front of Blood Moon Manor.

Our props have started arriving and they are creep-tastic.  We have a dozen life size figures and some are so realistic you will not be able to tell whether they are static props or real people.  We have many other crazy props and animations on the way and to wrap it up, seriously, there were 12 skeletons delivered to my door today!

With all of these updates, we think we have a claim as "the largest haunted theme park in Texas".  We're looking into this claim as I write.

This year we will open with a "preview night" on September 29th.

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