We are friends of police and the police are our friends.  We stand behind our men in blue. BUT, there are always a few pricks in every cactus patch.  KCBD recently did a story about a Nude Maid service doing business in Lubbock.  The story quoted a Lubbock Police Sargent as saying that they were operating a "sexually oriented business" and could be subject to huge fines.  More after the jump.

This story opens a big can of worms.  Here's the first question:  Do you want the police or any government agency deciding what is okay for you to do behind closed doors?  In my opinion it's none of their (expletive deleted) business.  Next define "sexually oriented business" for me. Yes these women are partially to totally nude but there's no touching.  Sure it's a little creepy to think of a guy watching these women clean in the nude, but is just looking at another naked human "sexual"?  If so, then most museums are "sexually oriented businesses".  A lingerie party would also be a "sexually oriented  business" would it not?

Let's let Lubbock officials know that we don't want another throw back to that uber-creepy Mayor we had a few years back who was trying to throw Lubbock back into the dark ages.   This may not be "our kind of business", but we've got to let law enforcement know that what we do behind our closed doors is our business and our business only!