You may have recently heard about a party that was modeled after a party in a movie that was shut down here in the Hub. Can anyone say "Duh"? If you really believed that a "secret party with unlimited alcohol" was going down, then you're stupider than the organizers. First off, why would anyone give away all the alcohol for free, and secondly and most importantly haven't you learned that things aren't like they are in the movies? More after the jump.

Me and my wife always laugh at club scenes in the movies. In almost all movie club scenes there are two things you never see in a real club. A. Motorcycles, girls or bondage gimps hanging from chains on the ceiling and B. Some type of billowing fire, either from a machine, or someone spitting it. These things aren't in real clubs. They are far too dangerous and far too expensive.

Now, some one comes along and tries to pattern a party after an "out of control" party as depicted on film. Guess what, jackasses? It was a movie. Did you throw death races after watching "Mad Max"? Did you get your band to play on a sinking ocean liner after watching Titanic? Or do you plan on hunting and killing other teenagers like in "The Hunger Games"?

If you really think that reenacting these hijinks from movies is fun, then reenact Forrest Gump, because you're slow in the head.

There is good news for morons though, you are not alone.  This phenomenon has been taken on by idiots nationwide.

One last tip from a former "party thrower"...keep it secret and keep it under control, the people in the movie don't have to pay for ruined houses and ruined lives.