Hold on for a second, I initially thought this was a bad idea, but I've come around.

My first thought was whiskey+ice cream equals yuck. I'll go ahead and admit I've had a belly full of whiskey and tried to put some ice cream on top of it and the results were not good. This idea though, seems like it might be putting things in the right order or balance to make it a good thing.

Garrison Brothers Whiskey, out of Hye, Texas has teamed with McConnel's Fine Ice Cream for a whiskey and pecan praline flavor. I guess it's the pecans that put me over the top. It's not just the pecans either, I've had them infused with liquor before and the tastes just seem to go together.

I do not know much about McConnell's, mostly because I'm an admitted Blue Bell freak. What I do know is that they ship ice cream right to your door. It's not cheap, but if you're looking for new flavors, maybe you'll want to check it out. A pint of this Garrison Brothers "Whiskey & Pecan Pralines" will set you back $12 (and my guess is that shipping is a pricey extra).

McConnell's does have some other interesting flavors in their lineup including "Honey & Cornbread Cookies", "Eureka Lemon And Marionberries" (that's what it says, and "Rasberry Cheesecake & Chocolate Crust".  It looks like they'll ship a whole Mother's Day pack for you too if you want (remember, moms love ice cream, and mama loves you).

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