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A fun tidbit about Texas life is making the rounds in the media again. Something we Texans do that is so strange, so befuddling, so culturally different that it deserves tweets, news articles, and even a mention in the venerated publication Southern Living (their recipes are the best in the world, no doubt).

And it ain't cowboy boots or rodeos.

It's that we eat pickles in movie theaters. I remember the first time I heard that people outside of Texas don't eat big, stinky, juicy pickles at movie theaters. I was shocked and saddened. Do they not get them on Pickles & Popcorn Fridays from school, or even from the ice cream truck? I can't imagine a life like that.

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Personally, I've never been one to put the pickle in with my popcorn. Mostly because I'm not that big on movie popcorn anyway. I want to preserve my pickle experience. Cromch Cromch Cromch. And I do apologize to the person next to me that has to smell it.

There is some speculation that our pickle preference comes from our German heritage. I could see that. I would expand on that idea and say it makes sense in our German AND Mexican heritage, or specifically, the crossover therein. Pickles are a wildly popular topping in many Texas restaurants that serve Mexican snack food. Oh man, now I want fruit with chamoy and tajin and the theater, too. That would be genius.

I'd also like to speculate that pickles are popular because it's really, really hot in Texas sometimes. When you sweat, you lose salt. In the summer, we retreat to the movies for that amazingly crispy air conditioning. Why not take the time to replenish our sodium levels, too?

The fact is, compared to buttered popcorn, oozy nachos, and especially candy, pickles are a really smart choice. Under 25 calories, under 5 carbs for a big boy? Unless your movie theater has plain celery sticks, you can't beat that. And that's just... sad.

So here's a big Texas salute to one of the finest movie theater snacks in the world- that's apparently only in Texas. You're the best, big stinky pickle. Now and forever.

Pickle Madness!

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