Is it just me, or is Lubbock a little hotter these days?

Now open at 5905 82nd Street is Lubbock's first Adam & Eve location. It's an adult store that specializes in toys, lingerie and more. The store opened Saturday, November 14th.

Lubbock's best adult novelty store. Offering a variety of adult products, lingerie, bondage & more for women, couples and men at great prices.

I remember Adam & Eve from countless late-night TV commercials promising discreet shipping and free surprise gifts. I think anyone who ordered from them back in the early aughts got a dozen DVDs with every order. They certainly had the online adult marketplace covered.

Now with a physical location in Lubbock, consumers will be able to see items before they buy and browse in a more intimate setting than the anonymous internet.

It's no wonder it took so long for Lubbock to get its own Adam & Eve location, as Lubbock loves to enforce Texas' antiquated obscenity laws. In 2007, a store called Something Sexy got into hot water for having more than six "obscene" items on a shelf.

Rather than just warning the proprietor, overzealous Lubbock Police Department officers served a warrant. Are you feeling embarrassment-by-proxy? Because I sure am. I'm also relieved Lubbock wasn't having any other crime at the time and they had all that extra time on their hands. Oh wait, turns out there totally were murders in 2007.

Hopefully, this appearance of Adam & Eve means Lubbock is ready to finally emerge from the Dark Ages. If you'd like to dive a little deeper into Lubbock's storied past with obscenity laws, you can check out my three-part series on the topic.

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