Alice Cooper could teach EVERY band a lesson or two.

What I can say is that Alice Cooper still sings his hits as well as he did on the copy of Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits back in 1974. I know nothing about singing so whether he is blessed or recorded his songs in a register that he could maintain for his career, I don't know.

How about that stage show? Well, Alice Cooper still puts on one of the most entertaining productions that you'll see anywhere. Yes, his show never really required any jumping around or anything athletic to begin with, so he just strolls around (in a menacing way) with no sign of age.

Now, let's talk about the band. Cooper has enlisted a band featuring a three-guitar lineup that is absolutely amazing. The band makes you feel like you are hearing music from today, even though some of the songs were recorded 50 years ago (not an exaggeration).  Everyone in the band is worthy of attention, so I hate to even single out, but we have to talk about Nita Strauss.

Let's explore Nita for a moment. She is captivating on so many levels. She is obviously both a guitarist and a showman for the ages. I completely respect that even though she's launched a solo career she's stood by Alice. She was great every moment she was on stage and brought to mind a female Eddie Van Halen during her solo intro to "Black Widow".  It's a smart move on her part because she belongs on a big stage.

The rest of the band is equally amazing. Chuck Garric/bass, Ryan Roxie & Tommy Henrickson/guitar, and Glen Sobel/drums all have amazing pedigrees and are allowed to shine during the show.

I could see this stage production and lineup ten more times and not get bored.  Here are some unedited highlights from the show.

Alice Cooper At Buddy Holly Hall

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