Plus size women, that is, women who wear a size 14 or above, make up the majority. 68% of us are plus size. Yet, as I sorted through literally over a 1000 stock images of women, I found literally one picture of of a plus size woman portrayed in a positive light- and she was nearly nude. I had to specially request the image I used.

What I did find was image after image of thin women on scales, eating salads or holding up measuring tape to their bodies.  I found plus sized women making scowling faces while eating comically large candy bars. I found several pictures of bellies being forcefully squeezed into too tight jeans.

I do not happen to be a plus sized woman, but I'm not a thin one either. Nearly my whole life I have been deeply ashamed of my body for being too big. I remember crying myself to sleep as young as ten for being "too fat". It's something I still struggle with. It's something so many of us struggle with.

Coming to Amarillo early next year is "The Curvaceous Expo", an event aimed towards creating a positive shopping environment for plus-sized women. Imagine, an event with clothes that actually fit, and no one being crappy or judgmental as you look through the racks.

It is my hope that this event comes to Lubbock, and that it brings with it a refuge of body positivity for well over half of the female population. It also just plain makes sense for the boutique clothing industry to cater real women- they have money too you know.


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