A friend of the radio station recently took over the management of the American Council of the Blind Store. He's worked wonders inside the store, but the outside world is making it a little hard.

I have long taken my donations and business to the ACB store at 1508 34th Street. I've picked up furniture, a foosball table and tons of stuff for the haunted houses at the store. It's just a fun, roomy place to shop.

Recently, a friend took over the management and the place went up another 10 notches in quality and organization. Unfortunately, this hard work can't keep the scum of the earth from messing with the property after hours.

Here's what he had to say:

The Acb was broken into as apparently our glass break alarm wasn’t reaching the farthest windows ( a problem we are now fixing) and someone broke three windows last night causing over 800 in damages. Someone involved in the breakin / vandalism cut themselves while trying to enter and the police took blood samples.

The store is now highlighted on the overnight watch list, and hopefully that will clear up some of the problems. The store is also asking the public to donate during business hours whenever possible to ensure that items left behind aren't picked up, broken and/or scattered around by shady types after hours.

I would personally encourage you to drop by and poke around. You might find something neat that you need and that would help make up for the losses due to this vandalism.

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