I think it's important to say that I'm not a Star Wars fan, and still, this is the most amazing theme park area I have ever seen.

I went to California for a haunted house convention and to hit up a theme park or two for some ideas, tips, and tricks to help with my own attractions. What I saw in Disneyland was so "next level" that it almost couldn't be believed.

Disneyland recently opened Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The detail is impeccable. Think about it, every single thing, every single detail had to be either imagined or brought over from the movies.  They didn't take an old Volkswagon hood and make it into a shield, they made the shield from scratch. The terrain towers over most of the rest of Disney. Even the Coca Cola bottles are redesigned to fit the area (you'll see one in the gallery).

Right now it's mostly just the themed land and one ride, but keep in mind that Disney has other Star Wars rides already located in a different area (Tomorrowland). I have to say that this a 5 star must for everyone, especially Star Wars fans.


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