If you're a real Lubbock O.G. you probably knew exactly which movie theater I was talking about just by the headline- the infamous and now long-departed Showplace 6, which closed in 2010 after being open nearly 40 years.

Yes, the floors were so sticky you might lose a shoe. Yes, it had gotten a little...shall we say...musty over time. But it was an absolutely amazing place for which I have incredibly fond memories.

They were some of the first in Lubbock to take a chance on playing arthouse and cult films. If you saw Rocky Horror there, you know how thrilling, fun, and messy it was. Luckily, other Lubbock theaters will do Halloween showings of this cult classic now, but I just don't feel as "allowed" to throw toilet paper as I did at Showplace 6.

Photo by Lynda Sanchez on Unsplash
Photo by Lynda Sanchez on Unsplash

It was also a wonderful place to take littles. I have a very happy memory of my toddler daughter sitting on my lap enthralled by Disney's Enchanted. I didn't have that self-conscious nervousness I felt about taking a toddler to other public places. It was incredibly affordable, too, with tickets at $2, and dirt-cheap concessions, too.

I would love to see a second-run theater open again in Lubbock, especially nowadays when many films fly out of theaters so quickly. Of course, they now go straight to streaming, but unless you subscribe to every platform under the sun, you won't have access to all of them. I am also a tremendous fan of seeing films inside theaters, and this would be a great way to see a film I might not be retail-ticket price interested in, but maybe casually happy to watch at a discounted price.

And why yes, I would love a big, stinky pickle for $1! I'll try not to drop it on the floor.

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