Former "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney has passed away at the age of 92. To many of you he was "just another old guy."  I'm hear to give you a couple of reasons to care.

The single greatest thing about Andy Rooney was that he was not afraid to call "BULLSH@T" on anything.  He wasn't afraid of losing his job or his audience. This got him into trouble frequently and even got him suspended a couple of times. None of this seemed to matter to Rooney, except when he was proven wrong. When he was proven wrong, he was gracious in his defeat, and/or at least willing to allow the opposing side  a few minutes with their arguments.

Andy hated being "famous" and just wanted to be part of the crowd. He often attended his favorite football games and always insisted on sitting amongst the crowd.

In short, Andy was like a distant grandpa, a little grumpy, but always looking out for you. The world could used a "few more minutes" with people like Andy Rooney.