We have another bomb to drop sometime soon, and it could be anytime.

Concert Crowd

Our promoter has a show booked, but it's up to the artist as to when it will be announced. We may have a few days warning, we may have a few hours warning, or we may just be told "go."

So, what can we tell you?  Let's just say the announcement is for something that is a bit artier and more alternative than Metallica, but with a huge local appeal. I will also say that the artist usually only plays major markets, but for some reason, loves Lubbock.  I can't really say too much more than that.

We've been committed to promoting variety this year, and that started by going full-on metal with our 37th FMX Birthday Bash. 2019 will be the year of Metallica. In between, we have some very cool stuff coming to town. Keep it locked on FMX for another big announcement coming soon.

In the meantime, join the FMX Bomb Squad and download our app. When we get the "go," we'll be on air and in your inbox with the news.


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