You're going to have to stick with me here, but I will provide evidence.

I am of the opinion that Frito's are getting smaller. Now, I'm not talking about "shrinkflation" which means fewer chips per bag. I understand that shrinkflation is a thing and that Frito's are affected. I hate it and I wish they would just charge us more so we can get our snack on with the amount of snack I'm expecting.

Now, one more caveat before we begin. I usually buy the Frito's Scoops because I'm a party kind of guy and they allow you to shove more Frito flavor in your mouth at a time. They are also the optimum dipping chip, rising above all others for scoopability and structural integrity that really allows you to get a glop of your favorite dip.

Now let's get to it. I may be suffering from the Mandela effect, but I can swear that regular Fritos are getting smaller in terms of length and width, and also thinner. Maybe it's been a minute since I bought regular Frito's but these appeared to be *dainty*.  Have a look, then we'll chat some more:

Now you might just say, "well, get over it", but having a smaller, daintier chip messes up the chip to chili ratio in a Frito Pie, and as a Texan (at least for the last 40 years) that is something that is just not acceptable.  I do not want my Frito's with the thickness of a thick potato chip, I want them a little thicker than a nickel which is what I SWEAR they used to be.

Someone help me out here, am I crazy or what?

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