Living in "Tornado Alley" can be scary.

I was just thinking about the poor folks suffering from another flood from another hurricane. Living in an area that gets hit by hurricanes has to be terrible (even though the picture that inspired this was two kids swimming in a parking lot). With hurricanes, you get the high winds, the flooding, the rot, and on and on.

Then you have our friends on the west coast who have to suffer through earthquakes. Fortunately, there haven't been huge, killer quakes in some time, but I can tell you it is still terrifying to just be sitting there and the earth starts shaking, mostly because there's almost nothing you can do when everything around you is shaking.

I guess I have to include wildfires in this list because there is most definitely a "fire season" and it's happening right now in California. Whether sparked by humans or nature there seems to be a regular occurrence of firey destruction out that way.

Around these parts, we get insane straight-line winds and tornadoes. In most cases, we get a pretty good warning when a tornado is headed our way (even if we rarely do anything about it). Let's not discount the terrible destruction of a tornado when it does hit, but after you've had hundreds of misses they at least seem like they're the least of all evils.

So all of this brought a question to mine, even though it's a bit, morbid? Which of these natural disasters scares you least?


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