Avenue K in Lubbock is now a two-way street, which sounds like boring news until you find yourself downtown confused as heck.

There are several businesses and other buildings affected, of course, including Lubbock's award-winning and uber-popular The Brewery LBK, along with the West Table and Pioneer Pocket Hotel, among others. Patrons wishing to park in front of The Brewery LBK "must now come in from the north to park directly in front of the Brewery on K."

Downtown is a bit of an adventure, isn't it? Especially if you don't live or work nearby and only go there for special occasions or specific errands. Luckily, the signage is pretty clear, so it's vitally important to pay close attention because, A) you don't want to get into a wreck, and B) this is extraordinarily close to the police station.

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As Downtown Lubbock continues to revitalize and grow, changes to traffic patterns will occur. Hopefully, our city will make adjustments as needed to help facilitate the flow of traffic. Want to tour downtown? My suggestion is to park nearby and then cruise around on a bike. It's a great way to navigate and enjoy First Friday Art Trail, for instance.

Thanks to The Brewery LBK for bringing this change to my attention. If you haven't tried The Brewery LBK yet, you should know that they were named the top Brewpub in the states by USA Today, have been featured in Texas Monthly, Forbes and Thrillist, and have the tastiest dang hard lemonades I've ever had.

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