Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered a Stone Cold Stunner over the weekend.

There is an imbecilic spot of fragile masculinity out there that wants to call people who wear facemasks out as "weak." Stone Cold posted a picture of himself in a mask, and one of these chumps came at him with that nonsense. Stone Cold's response was amazing. It was nothing but "Shut up, dude."

That's where I'm at with this thing. Our best chance at not having another coronavirus lockdown and reducing needless deaths is to look out for each other with masks and distancing. All of this led to the idea of "Badasses With Facemasks."

My friends are not weak. There are some Linda Hamilton-in-Terminator type ladies here, and guys that you wouldn't dare look sideways at in a bar. Then, there are the everyday badasses who are willing to endure a tiny bit of discomfort so everyone else can be well. With that, I present some "Badasses In Facemasks.:

Badasses in Facemasks

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