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Any business, let alone an arts/cultural-based business, turning over 50 in Lubbock is a big deal. A huge congratulations to Ballet Lubbock for 52 years in Lubbock as of Wednesday, May 5th, 2021.

Ballet Lubbock is so much more than little girls in tutus; it's an organization that provides physical and cultural education to both adults and children. And boys are welcome, too. I mean, one of the best ballet dancers of all time is male. It's also more than ballet. Ballet Lubbock offers Jazz Dance, adult fitness classes and adaptive dance for children with special needs.

If you're a Lubbock long-timer, you've probably seen Ballet Lubbock's annual performance of The Nutcracker at least once, if not several times during the Christmas season. It's a time-honored tradition here.

Ballet Lubbock recently moved into the gorgeous Buddy Holly Hall. In fact, they're a keystone of the building:

Ballet Lubbock is an important resident of the campus, operating the 22,000 square-foot dance center located in the North-East wing.

Ballet Lubbock boasts six dance studios, parent and community space, production areas, and administrative offices – all feet from the world-class stage.

A dance education can be pricey, which is why Ballet Lubbock has several scholarship opportunities for deserving students. And while not every student will go on to be a professional dancer, ballet teaches poise, dedication, discipline, and hard work, which are values we should strive to meet.

You can find out more about classes available and upcoming performances at Ballet Lubbock's official website. Personally, I can not wait to try a few yoga and barre classes surrounded by the exquisitely beautiful Buddy Holly Hall.

Thank you for being here, Ballet Lubbock. You make Lubbock better, one pointed toe at a time.

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