It's amazing to me that people have to be reminded to take their children or guns from their vehicles.

You would think that people would keep up with something as expensive and potentially dangerous as a firearm, then again, I've left valuable stuff in my car just out of convenience. Lubbock Police are recommending that persons who insist on keeping firearms in their car have lockboxes built in to help curb thefts. Myself, I kind of think in a lot of cases you're tipping thieves off that you have a firearm (and a lockbox) to steal.

The problem with all of this is that most people who have a firearm want to have it instantly accessible and a lockbox kind of prevents that. Really the only answer is for responsible firearm owners to not leave their guns in their vehicles at all.

I know you don't want kids, gang members, thieves or anyone else to end up with your weapon and you certainly don't want to lose a piece of property you probably spent near a grand on anyway, so take your gun with you and we'll all be happier and safer. Best of all, if thieves quit finding valuables in cars, maybe they'll stop breaking into them.

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