I feel like most of us have been there- big hungry, but with little money. I know I've been there. Or, you had plenty of money until your child became a sports-playing teen and now you have the food costs of Andre the Giant. My grandmother taught me young to savor a good deal, so knowing I got a bargain amplifies the flavor for me.

"Why don't you just go to the grocery store?"

Sure, that's probably the best solution, but we all deserve treats here and there. And some folks lack the proper kitchen/ time/ skills to make the most out of store-bought ingredients. Why not get a good deal and support your community while you're at it? Sounds like a win/win to me.


Here's a list of big food/ little money eats that are local, and the deals are available any time they are open. Enjoy a great meal without doing fatal damage to your wallet.

Big Food, Little Money: The Best Bang For Your Buck in Lubbock

Whether you're on a budget, or you have a sports-playing teen, you may find yourself needing a Lubbock eatery that gives you plenty- without a huge price tag. Here are delicious and local Lubbock eats that are big on portions and small on price.

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