We continue our adventure looking for the biggest things in Texas, and what's bigger than a mountain?

The biggest mountain in Texas also features the highest elevation in Lubbock. Believe it or not, those two things don't always go together, but in this case, they do. Still we ARE Texas and our natural geography means that the tallest mountain here really isn't that tall as far as mountains go.

The Natural Park Service puts Guadalupe Peak as the highest point in Texas at 8,751 feet above sea level, and about 3,000 feet tall. If you're thinking of taking a hike to the top, it's about 8.4 miles and the "average hiker" can make it in six to eight hours. There's a little bonus at the top too, a stainless steel pyramid that was placed there in the late 1950's by American Airlines.

I think it should probably go without saying that if you're a hiker, you need to research this mountain a bit. It is not a touristy kind of place with restrooms and gift shops. You are expected to pack out your waste just as you packed it in. This climb is said to be even more difficult going down due to the nature of the surfaces (and they recommend climbing poles).

Guadalupe Peak and Guadalupe Mountains National Park are located about 90 miles east of El Paso and 50 miles Southwest of Carlsbad Caverns. There is a trail, but it is over rocky terrain and is said to be strenuous.  Of course with this being Texas, one also needs to really look out for the weather and not attempt the hike when it's too hot or too cold.  Below is a map to Guadalupe Peak.


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