There are those "seasonal" flavors and then there are flavors like this that you can expect to be around forever (but might not be).

This ice cream is too delicious. Let's start with the ice cream itself, it's almond flavored. Then there are swirls of raspberry, chocolate flakes and chunks of fudge brownies. This is a jaw dropper. This ice cream is being advertised as being around "for a limited time" but I think Blue Bell would be making a huge mistake to not make this a regular thing.

This ice cream was love at first bite. This isn't just a "novelty", this is something that will be among your favorites and a "go-to" ice cream. I'm telling you right now if you think you'll like it, you'll love it. Go get some now while it's in stock so you can decide to stock up in case they put it on rest for a bit.

Blue Bell
Blue Bell

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