Well, there are a few folks out there in a tizzy because they're going to let girls into the (Boy) Scouts and change the name of the organization.

Well sorry granny and grandpa, we have indoor toilets now too! Times change and it's time to get over it. I can tell you from my time in Scouts that girls would NOT have been a distraction, all we cared about was making fire, tying knots and doing cool projects.

Concerned parents also need to recognize that each pack is different. There might be some made up of just boys, just girls or a mix.  But what about those "boys and girls alone in the woods together"? First up, what the hell are you doing leaving any kids alone in the woods?  It's not a concern and not a problem for responsible parents.

It sure looks like the folks most concerned about the integration of girls into the Scouts are the ones that don't have a dog in the fight. Until you've stepped up and become a Scoutmaster, or currently have a kid in the Scouts, how about you not worry about it?  Boys and girls should be taught to co-exist and share skills without your fears of a forest free-for-all orgy getting in the way.  Just teach 'em to make fire and they'll be distracted from each other's naughty bits more than enough.

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