We should be saying "30th Annual Buffalo Springs Lake Triathalon" right now.

I'm not sure who is responsible for fumbling this event, but it's insane that after 29 years the lake let this one go. Buffalo Springs Lake would have to spend tens of millions to get the kind of publicity this event gave them worldwide.  According to organizers, it was scuttled because the lake wouldn't wave it's $11 gate fee. Seriously, instead of losing a few thousand at the gate, they have lost millions in publicity. If this is true, I'd be pretty embarrassed to be a part of this decision right now.

The proof that this is a goof comes in the form of Lubbock taking over the event. Not just taking over the event, but making it better by showing off Jones Stadium, Dunbar Lake (which is beautiful) AND other scenic areas of Lubbock. In short, the Ironman 70.3 Lubbock is now not just an athletic event, it's also a tour of some of the beauty and excitement that Lubbock has to offer (contestants even get to finish at the 50-yard line at Jones Stadium; how cool is that?).

Here are another benefit-it no longer costs you to watch. There will be many areas where you can check out the action without a long drive or gate fee. If I lived at Buffalo Springs Lake I'd be hoppin' mad that Lubbock stole this event.............but, Lubbock didn't steal it, the lake gave it away.

The Ironman 70.3 is taking place this Saturday in Lubbock. Please keep an eye out for these athletes as you navigate around Lubbock this weekend.

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