Sorry, but if a business wants to ask you if you've been vaccinated, they can. I seriously doubt any large number of them will, however.

If you don't like being asked if you've been vaccinated or having your temperature taken or any of the other goofy and ridiculous claims that are being copied and pasted by some, then just turn around and go somewhere else.

Somewhere along the line, goofsters that think they're more educated than they are have been claiming HIPPA violations. So let's settle this once and for all after you read the latest masterpiece of stupidity that's making the rounds:

I am putting everyone on notice, if I walk into a restaurant, Walmart, grocery, etc, and you ask me for proof of vac, I will immediately file suit against you. I will file both a personal and business lawsuit for violation of HIPAA laws.

You have no legal right under any circumstances to see my private medical records. If you deny my entrance, I will consider it as a form of discrimination and a violation of civil rights.

I will use every law that is broken to destroy you. Be advised ignorance of the law is no excuse.

I will not and do not authorize any release of medical records to any business without my consent. And I do not give my consent just to participate as a member of society.

I have put up with the temperature checks, which are being performed by someone who is not a member of the medical profession.

Even that action is an invasion of your medical privacy. Since when does someone working at a restaurant, bar, etc have the legal right to make a decision about your medical well-being based upon taking your temperature.

These actions of show me your papers, stops now!


First off, lighten up, Francis, we know you're going to do jack and squat. Secondly, HIPPA laws only apply to medical providers. They have nothing to do with private individuals or private businesses. You 100-percent could be asked and denied service, according to several experts. You don't have to respond, you don't have to do anything, but they can ask whatever they want.

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The tough guys and Karens of the internet never cease to amaze me. Let's back up to the beginning: exactly what restaurant has been asking these questions? My guess is none, at least not around Lubbock. This is just keyboard warriors trying to stir up nonsense and cause problems where there are none.

A note: in Texas, government entities and anyone who receives state funds cannot require a "vaccine passport," but there's nothing to prevent a private restaurant from carding you if they really wanted to.

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