I grew up in Texas, but spent many summers visiting my grandmother in Southern California. Because of this, I grew an appreciation for Cali food favorites, like carne asada fries, chicken & waffles, and my absolute favorite: boysenberry anything.

How blessed was I that Grandma lived a ten-minute drive from Knott's Berry Farm? Knott's is the birthplace of the best berry ever and is also a famous and very fun amusement park. My favorite guy Snoopy is a mascot there, too!

I recently visited my grandmother, so of course I made the short trip to Knott's- and I made myself sick on boysenberry ice cream, boysenberry slushies, caramels, etc. And now I'm glad I did, because Knott's brand items will no longer be available at the grocery store- meaning I'll have no outlet for my cravings here in Texas.


According to FOX LA news, the J.M. Smucker Company, which had produced Knott's products for grocery stores, has discontinued the line. So say goodbye to easily accessible jams, jellies, preserves, and worst of all, the cookies. I could cry.

Additionally, the jams are quickly selling out online from the Knott's Berry Marketplace, and it is, "unclear if the jams and other products once sold at the grocery stores will be restocked once they sell out online." Ouch.

So if you have the same craving for boysenberry everything that I do, be sure to get yours while you can, especially if you don't have a grandmother you can ask pretty please to mail you a box straight from the park.

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