I had completely put the movie "the Sweetest Thing" out of my brain. I only remember it as one of the worst movies EVER. Well, there's this one scene. That one scene is the only one you really need to watch. It's a little racy and features our two stars in tiny bikinis. More after the jump.

As I said, I can't remember the plot to this movie, and when I went to I.M.D.B. (the movie database) even it's description of what it was about was lacking. Something about a girls weekend or something.  Anyways, forget the whole film, it's not worth your time.  Just watch this scene over and over.

What we have here is Cameron Diaz looking for something on the floor while Christina Applegate drives.  Along comes one of those bikers that you only see in movies (dumb helmet and whatnot) and Christina decides to play along with what the biker thinks he sees.  It's a pretty hot scene and Christina's cleavage in that bathing suit is pretty awesome too (who doesn't have a thing for "Kelly Bundy?).

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