How many times have you stood at an empty counter at Walmart waiting for an associate?

Just recently, I went to purchase a fishing license and stood in the sporting goods area for at least half an hour waiting until I snagged an employee walking by and asked them to page someone to help me, which then led to another 30-minute wait.

It's like a ghost town in there as far as workers are concerned. It always seems like there are only 15 or 20 people working in that massive warehouse of a grocery store. A million checkout counters near the exit doors, but for some reason only two are ever really being used.

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When I was employed by Walmart, they would literally pull you off the floor and send you home before you hit 40 hours, and you could even get in trouble for working overtime. It's pretty ridiculous because they clearly need more help.

Tiktoker @charlestonboy843 took matters into his own hands after tiring of waiting around for someone to assist him. Check it out below:

Can you really blame him?

He called someone to the electronics department over the intercom system not once, by twice, and then waited. Someone eventually came to help him. The crazy thing is that it's like this in every single store across the United States. We've all gotten used to terrible service in exchange for those criminally low prices.

I might be trying this the next time I have to make an unfortunate visit to one of our Lubbock locations. Have you ever done this? Don't lie! Tell me in the comments on our Facebook page.

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