Capital Pizza's original location (2705 26th St) has become a staple of good eats and good times near Texas Tech. In fact, it's the only restaurant I go to in the Tech Terrace area. The pizza is incredible, with fresh and gourmet ingredients. The ambiance is fantastic and lends itself easily into a long night of kicking back with a big table of friends. The bar is great too- with a wide selection of craft beers, mixed drinks and top shelf liquor. 

I was excited to find out that Capital Pizza intended to expand into southwest Lubbock in a location really close to our radio stations. Capital Pizza Lakeridge (8211 Slide Rd), has "soft" opened in the former Rib Crib.

Let's be honest, Lubbock is downright haunted when it comes to local restaurants expanding. With a few notable exceptions (Orlando's for example) it seems that one location just doesn't get it quite right. Either the new location sucks the old one dry, or the new one fails to thrive.

Based on my experience eating at the soft opening of Capital Pizza Lakeridge, I'm not worried about this new location at all. Not only was it well attended, my pizza was just- bomb. Lit. Fire. All the slang that means it was ah-mazing. I mean, this picture is so aesthetic I can barely stand it:

Renee Raven, Townsquare
Renee Raven, Townsquare

As you can see, the pizza was perfectly cooked- the crust perfectly toothsome and the cheese gorgeously melted. We had the chicken Alfredo pizza and subbed pesto for Alfredo sauce- I highly recommend it.

Service from the bar was good in spite of being really busy and bartenders serving the tables adjacent to the bar. The restaurant was clean, orderly well managed. I can't wait to go back.

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