Today is National Radio Day! I thought it might be a good time to thank everyone for tuning in. We know there are tons of music streaming platforms out there to choose from, but there is something special about live radio that you just can't get on a stream.

I've been part of Lubbock's number one morning show, The RockShow, for nearly a year now. Every single day has been a new adventure, especially because I came from the service industry. I never had a plan to be on the radio. It's not an idea I ever entertained as a child, and yet, here I am, and I LOVE WORKING IN RADIO!

No day is quite like the next. From interviewing amazing performers from all over the world to chatting with regular listeners at our on-location events, I love this job. Some days are easier than others, but every day that you work at FMX is a good day.

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My partner Wes Nessman always reminds me that we are "smile dealers". Not every single thing that comes out of our mouths is the most hilarious, or the most interesting, BUT, we try incredibly hard to be entertaining. We want you to know that we care about Lubbock. We care about our community. We love finding things to generate a conversation between people and to bring us all closer together.

Radio is magical. It hits the air and disappears into the ether. If you aren't listening, you just might miss something. Thank you guys for sticking with FMX for 40 years. Celebrate National Radio Day this year by cranking up the tunes.

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