I have a question for all you controller manglers out there.

There's a question about concerts going on that could apply really well to video games. It was about first, last and next concerts. Well with video games we can ditch that last third of that, so the question is "What is your first FAVORITE game and your Last FAVORITE game?".

I have answers for you.  I was fortunate to play all of the old school stuff as it came out. I did my time with Mario and Link, but I have to say my favorite old school game was Castlevania II-Simon's Quest.

My LAST favorite game is a bit tougher though.  I weeded through Batman Arkham City and all of the Gods Of War and yes, I'm going to have to say it, I had the most fun playing South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

Now if we were including computer games, the hands down winner to the question both then and now is the Command And Conquer Series (it's also the only time I've played online competitively).

So what are your now and then favorites?


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