There are so many ways you can get into the Big 12 spirit this weekend.

I've said it a million times now, you can do what you need to do if you do it safely. For some of you, that means actually attending the game. Good on you. I think if you're smart you can enjoy game day in a safe, responsible way.

For some of you, it means watching the game on t.v. or listening to it on the radio. Some will even chart the progress online.

What I am hoping to see is the game-day atmosphere in Lubbock. I am hoping the fans flag and tag their cars and the backyard barbeques are blazing.  If you're only comfortable with your close family members, then so be it. It sounds like a fun day to  get the family in on the action. Heck, make the kids do jello shots (booze free) when Texas scores or something.

If you aren't smelling what the Rock is cooking yet, I am hoping you will treat this weekend with a degree of normalcy while still playing it safe. Hopefully you can blow off some steam and hopefully Texas Tech will break the Texas winning streak in Lubbock.

BTW. I will be replaying some of the cool celebrity "Wreck 'em Tech" messages Friday on the RockShow as well as the Doug Stapp versions of the Raider Fight song. Let's do this!

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