We had so much fun at our Nightmare On 19th Street Little Kids Trick Or Treat.

While preparing these pictures I was struck by one thing and that's the joy in the faces of the kids. The opportunity to play dress up, see other kids, and get candy for it is almost too much to handle. This is just one reason why we must fight to protect the Halloween spirit any chance we get.

Halloween is one of the first chances a kid gets to express who they are or who they want to be, they get to play in a safe space, and they are surrounded by people experiencing the same kind of joy.

We are absolutely honored and full of gratitude that these kids and their parents spent a few minutes with us on Halloween (we almost lost out on the opportunity after the event was initially postponed). We are also humbled by the support shown to us by United Supermarkets, Blue Bell Ice Cream, The Lubbock Guardians, and our own vendors, My Phat Tees, Nightmare Nom-Noms, and Surea Sundries.

One more thing, find yourself a trunk-or-treat or some type of Halloween event for children to be a part of next year. Buy some candy, hand out some treats, and spread the love of Halloween to a new generation. It may be transitioning from a door-to-door event to community get-togethers but it's still far too important for everyone to not be a part of it.

Nightmare Trick Or Treat 2023

Gallery Credit: Ronald Flores

Nightmare Little Kids Trick Or Treat

Gallery Credit: R.Flores

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