Studio 601 is a sweet little recording spot in Austin, TX that produces killer sound and nurtures musicians through the recording process. One of the co-owners, Eric Harrison, grew up here in the Lubbock music scene and took some time to visit with FMX briefly about the studio as well as share some memories of growing up here and playing for local bands.

How did you get into music?

"It all started with me going to a local Lubbock band's message board, Mistaken Jamaican, which might be the best band name of all time. I tried to join their band kind of but they were like, we can't have two bass players, haha. Later on, in 1999, '80s Combat was formed. We actually played an FMX battle of the bands at 4th on broadway and I was only 15 at the time. Wes Nessman seemed like he was kind of floored by us and really liked it and put us on a show opening for The Toadies and Drowning Pool. It was the highlight of the year. It was amazing. We felt so cool."

What made you so interested in recording?

"I've always loved recording, whether it was with 80's Combat or any of the bands I've been in since that. I moved home after touring Illinois with a band called Punch Drunk,  and I met my wife Hailey who convinced me I needed to go to school and I decided I would go for recording. I obtained a degree in Sound Technology from South Plains College, and then we moved to Austin so that I could start my business. We bought a house with a spare building and put some money together and built the studio. The vibe is really cool at our spot, and we have a low overhead by having a smaller studio. We have all of the things that a normal studio has, just in a smaller and more creative package. When Mike Ingber the co-owner and I work with an artist, we don't just record them, we act as producers, mentors, and a whole band if they need. We want our clients to have a personal and comfortable experience creating at our studio."

You can hear some of the fantastic recording quality of Studio 601 here, and be sure to check out their website to book your next session.


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