Nightmare On 19th Street is home to all types of wildlife. There's possums, feral cats, raccoons, and zombies.

There are many different types of areas at Nightmare from the typical desert-like sandy spots to brushy areas to the trees just past the gate at the Frisbee golf course. With all of this different terrain, we get all kinds of animals.

Over time one of our caretakers noticed the animals fondness for cereal so he brings out a bag every now and then (I guess the goal is to supplement the animal's diet with tons of sugar). This has emboldened the animals a little bit and they're not that scare of humans anymore.

We were surprised Saturday when a family of five came to visit. I only got two of them on film, but yeah, they're mega-cute. Since their Nightmare raccoons, I think will name them Frank and Stein.

(Sorry about the vertical video! Groot made me do it.)

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