A new online sensation called the "Baby Cheese Challenge" is becoming somewhat controversial, as everything seems to do on the internet these days.

Experts are weighing in on the viral trend that I personally find to be hilarious.  According to The Guardian, some people online are even calling for this to stop because they deem it to be abusive to the babies who are getting the cold, slimy cheese slices launched at their faces.

We decided to find out for ourselves on The RockShow whether or not this is abusive to the person who is cheesed. Wes was a great sport in taking it in the face, by the way.  Thanks for taking one (or three) for the team!

If you have been fortunate enough not to waste time watching some of the funny videos of parents tossing cheese at their babies' faces, here's a great compilation to demonstrate how this has become a thing:

If you couldn't resist and found yourself taking video of a drive-by cheesing, feel free to send it to me!

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