This week, Everything Lubbock posted a story about the fish in Lubbock playa lakes being safe to eat, according to the City Parks and Recreation department. Then, on Twitter, a post by the City of Lubbock reminded residents not to blow grass clippings into the street because it may end up floating "through the storm drains into our playa lakes & hurt plants and fish."

If that doesn't gross you out enough to question whether or not the fish on our Lubbock playa lakes are safe to eat, maybe the story from as recently as May about dead fish showing up in playa lakes might curb your appetite?

dead fish in lubbock playa lake

The fish in the water may be "safe to eat" according to the City of Lubbock, but after doing a quick search on Google, it would stand to reason that you might be risking an upset tummy since E. Coli was found in local playa lakes during a test conducted by KLBK in 2017.

The City of Lubbock is probably doing well to fool visitors from out of town or people living away from the area, but residents here don't need to look far to see that eating fish from a playa lake is probably not the best way to get a good meal.

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