It's about time!

Swimming Pool
Photo by: AndreyDubinin, Thinkstock photos

The best times of my childhood were spent at city pools. I'm sure my mom liked taking us to the pool and reading a book while we behaved like little water demons.

The pools will be open from 1p to 6p daily and run ya $2 for kids and $2.50 for adults. When you think about it, that's really a good deal for a summer cool off and or some entertainment.

There are four city pools Mae Simmons at 24th & MLK, Maxey at 4007 30th, Clapp at 46th & U and Montelongo at 3200 Bates has a waterslide.

The city will even sell you a seven day, 30 day or summer long splash pass if you want to make this a thing.

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