An El Nino event could have bring snow to the South Plains and Eastern New Mexico this winter.

Right now, the good folks at NOAA are saying there is a 70 percent chance of an "El Nino" event making its way into the Northern Hemisphere for winter 2018. This could bring us increased rains and colder temperatures. It could also mean snow.

As you can see from the maps below, it could also NOT happen. None of these bands are a sure thing -- they could go higher, or stay lower. As of right now, West Texas and Eastern New Mexico are kind of on the bubble of being affected. It all just depends on how hard the possible El Nino pushes into our area.

Then again, if you trust the Farmers Almanac, this isn't how it's going to play out at all. The Old Farmers are saying milder, drier and less snowfall than usual this coming winter..

So, how about you predict the weather? Just flip a coin.



And if you're wondering what an El Nino is, here you go:

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