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The Community Health Clinic of Lubbock (CHCL) is an excellent resource for folks who cannot otherwise afford healthcare services, including dental and mental health assistance. I've been in situations in which I was uninsured and could not afford the care that I needed. Thanks to CHCL, I was able to get some desperately needed dental work in a caring and professional environment. The cost was on a sliding scale, so I was able to afford the fillings I needed. It relieved a tremendous amount of pain and worry.

If you need help, please seek it. I know that COVID19 made everything harder, but luckily CHCL has adapted and implemented solutions to help serve more Lubbock folks in need. First, registration forms are now online, so you can see if you qualify for help without having to travel to an office. Second, CHCL also has telemedicine as an option for certain circumstances.

According to their website, you can seek telemedicine help for, "chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory as well as mental health and/or substance abuse and cancer."  These services are available either online or over the telephone.

If you think you could benefit from these services, I recommend starting with New Patient Information, which will instruct you on the materials you'll need to gather in order to register- it's pretty standard stuff like an ID and proof of address, but its helpful to know everything you need before you get started.

Of course, if you're having immediate, life-threatening symptoms (including suicidal thoughts) please seek immediate treatment at the closest hospital available to you. Your life is worth so much more than a bill, regardless of you can afford it or not. But I highly recommend getting the help you need before it's an emergency, if possible.

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