There are a couple new sculptures now installed in Lubbock.

One is a pink cowboy playing the guitar, located between 4th and L near the Buddy Holly Center. The other is a green cowboy statue waving 'hi' that's at Spur 327 at Loop 289, not far from the old Best Buy location. You can see that one below. Both were created by local artist B.C. Gilbert.

Amber Massoud
Amber Massoud

New public art in a town that isn't known for being the most beautiful, is always a delight to see.

You may have noticed several of the dog, cat and animal sculptures around town missing lately, and that's been pretty sad for some of us. Those playful sculptures sort of made up for some of the unsightly areas in town that haven't been taken care of. They were also fun to point out to children when driving by. They are gone now, returned to the artists that loaned them.

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Does this new cowboy sculpture mean that we will be seeing more of them like it across Lubbock? That's something I could definitely get behind. Lubbock is home to some of the most incredible artists in Texas and it's really awesome when they use their abilities to better our city. Lord knows this place needs all the help it can get. Our flat terrain, dead brown grass and old abandoned buildings can be a bit off-putting.

Fun sculptures like the guitar-playing cowboy show off the vibrant side of our town, and make Lubbock look fun and light-hearted, which is exactly how I'd describe so many of the wonderful people that live here. Check out the sculpture today, and if you see any other new sculptures pop up around Lubbock, be sure to submit them to FMX.

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