Do you know why Lubbock looks the way it does?

A lot of it has to do with a very restrictive sign ordinance that Lubbock put in effect in 1975. Now that I've told you that, you'll notice that all the billboards seem to be a certain height, all the business signs fit certain criteria, and so on.

The question becomes, is it time to grow up and let businesses have a little more leeway in what they do? One could say the existing rules give the city a certain character, while others will say that's why Lubbock looks like an undeveloped small town.

The city is looking at a new Unified Development Code that is said to relax some of these rules. I do not have the expertise to dissect the plan or even offer an opinion. As a business owner, I didn't find it that hard to comply with the existing ordinance but do feel like I could have done better with a bit more visibility.

The only thing I can offer is, that other things that were supposed to change the fundamental nature of our town for the worse, like the legalization of alcohol, didn't. Lubbock people will be Lubbock people regardless of the height or dimension of their signs.

I really doubt any steps taken will result in mass chaos in the city. Some businesses moving in, as well as a few existing ones, will probably go back to their franchise sign requirements instead of leaning in for Lubbock's previous laws (yes, even the big box stores have had to adjust their signs to fit local regulations).

If you do have an interest in what's happening, the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission will be meeting on March 22nd at Citizen's Tower.

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